4 Types of Poker Maniacs and How to Play Against Them


When your opponent at the poker table starts to bet and raise more than their fair share of hands, most poker players will soon label them as the ‘Maniac’. However, if you study the poker maniacs, you will notice that there are four categories of fits into one. The types of poker maniacs are;

Predictable maniacs situs casino.
Opportunist maniacs
Erratic maniacs
Professional maniacs
Predictable maniacs
These types of poker players are most commonly thought of by a maniac as a lot of players. When this maniac plays they bet, raise and re-raise almost every hand pre-flop and a lot of hands on the flop. There is no way of getting a read of what they are holding because they do the same thing every time. However you can make a few observations about these players. The first thing to note is that a lot of these players tend to slow down when you call them down. When this maniac re-raises you, they actually have something.

Some circumstances change but it is rare for even the craziest maniac to keep pushing back on the pace. One school of thought has always been that of a maniac sitting with a poker with your right hand so you don’t get caught limping and raising your hand off. With the left hand you can get your hands on the player with the big hands like Aces or Kings and then go ahead and raise them.

Opportunist maniacs

This player seems to have a predictable type but they actually have a different thought pattern that inspires them to be very aggressive. After a whole lot of hands they can win a big pot on the table or play the rush. Others may go a little tilt on themselves if they lose a hand just so they can make money.

By knowing this information and studying them, you can figure out what they are doing and even set a trap against them.

Erratic maniacs

These types of maniacs can be very tough to play against, because you may have to watch them for the last hour and then watch them start raising 3-4 hands in a row. Initially you will put these players on a good hand until you find a show down or consistently see more raises.

It is much more difficult to get into the flow of their game to the full advantage of their play, however if you stay on the table long enough you will find the pattern of their play taking shape and how to get out of work.

Professional maniacs

These types of maniacs deserve their own category; They are the smartest, expert poker maniacs you will meet at the poker table. These types are some of the most intense players or anyone who fears they are playing with other players at the table and will know if they are playing ultra aggressively. So just like all the other maniacs they will raise lots of pots but here is the big difference. Once these players hit the flop, they will be a tight-lipped poker playing a maniac.

Poor poker players can easily make mistakes against these types of maniacs when they have nothing but betting on the river and their whole stack of calling. Be careful not to give these players too much action with weaker hands. Still focusing on the good players and what they remember with other players on the show.

Hopefully this information will be great for you maniac players of different types of combat. Remember to look for the pattern and have the courage to play them.

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