Thinspiration :- Pro ana tips and tricks

The word Thinspiration is made up of two words which is“thin” and ”inspiration”.

Both these words blend together to form a deep meaning and context which is quite rare in society and not easily found. Thinspiration is an unusual condition in which a person cut down all his food intake daily.

A brings down the calorie intake up to one-fourth than the normal calories required by an average person. All these activities are done to achieve a condition to make a significant change in the body.

The process of pro ana tips and tricks is very useful for people who wish to grow thinner spontaneously at a much faster rate.

There are thousands of Thinspiration community online, where people motivate each other so that they look more skinny.

People who practice thinspiration think that looking skinny is healthier than having an obese condition. There are thousands of public forums, threads, social media platforms, websites and even personal blogs where people post several images of their skinny looks and trigger the dieting behavior.

These multiple skinny images contain motivational quotes and different texts which change the psychological behavior in people and motivate them to look more skinny.

Types of Thinspiration –

Bones-Po – Bonespo is an unusual condition of people which shows skinny or emaciated peoples. Such people and their pictures on the internet shows protruding and visible bones, ribs, tendons, and ligaments.

Fitspo – Fitspo Is a condition in which this subject focuses on fitness as well as an exercise by cardio methods. These types of pictures may involve people posing while doing vigorous exercise. There are a number of products available for excreting out more sweat from the body to lose more and more weight.

Reverse Thinspo – This subcategory of thinspiration target mostly obese people who are taking a huge amount of calories and consuming more junk food. The main objective of Reverse Thinspo is to create awareness about the negative impact of overeating

Fats-Po – Fatspo is similar to Reverse Thinspo and target people who weigh more than average and their lifestyle is not good. Overall the motive of these sub-categories is to create a negative psychological impact in the mind’s of people and creating more and more awareness to look more skinny.

Common subjects related to Thinspiration –

There are several subjects related to thinspiration which is clearly visible on the body of people who practice it. Some of the changes in body one can observe in a person who looks skinny and follows thinspiration are –

Collarbones – The collarbones in a human refers to the clavicle bones which are located just above the rib cage. The collar bones in such people start looking visible.

Ribs – The rib cage of the person becomes clearly visible along with the sternum(bone in the middle of the rib cages and form the framework of chest bones). There is a clear gap below the bottom false ribs and also in the region of the neck.

Thigh gap – People practicing thinspiration slowly forms a keyhole gap in the thigh gaps when a person stands together on both his feet. These subjects are clearly visible on the person’s body.

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