How to Clean Your Poker Chips at the Casino in Las Vegas

If you are the proud owner of Las Vegas casino poker chips, I am sure you are proud of your property. These excellent poker chips are desired by many due to their unique style, structure and appeal. Many don’t realize that much of the maintenance of these poker products includes cleaning them. In this informative article, you will learn the steps and information on how to clear your poker chips at the Las Vegas casino.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to cleaning your poker chips is that certain types are more likely to accumulate dirt and grime than others. The ingredients of poker chips play an important role in this. Poker chips made up of clay, for example, are much more likely to accumulate debris and even disappear over time. However, chips created with the implementation of the use of ceramics are less likely to accumulate various types of debris. If you are interested in cleaning your game chips for the purpose and intention of maintaining them, first know what they are made of.

Step 2:

The next step in properly cleaning your poker chips in Las Vegas casino is to determine your overall value link cmd368. If you are a collector, for example, you want to avoid using basic cleaning methods on your poker chips. You must ensure that the chips are placed on a screen to avoid contact with consistent levels of dirt and grime. If your poker chips are basic and not so valuable, you can use simple methods to clear them. There are many professional cleaning products that you can implement to ensure the maintenance of your valuable chips. If you choose to clean your poker chips, it is important to do so properly. If you visit a casino, for example, you can find machines that actually wash your chips for you!

Step 3:

Let’s say you don’t have access to a poker chip cleaning machine. It’s ok. There are still ways to clean these beautiful poker accessories! All you need to do is buy a toothbrush with soft bristles. The best types, in my opinion, are those sold in the babies and toddlers departments of local department stores, like Wal-Mart. After picking up the toothbrush, get a detergent that is considered mild in nature.

Step 4:

When you get home, have a small glass and add half a teaspoon of detergent to the warm water. Mix the water and detergent well.

Step 5:

Avoid taking your poker chips at the Las Vegas casino and putting them in the water or mix you created. All you want to do is dip the soft-bristled toothbrush you bought for the venture into the glass.

Step 6:

Take the toothbrush and start to gently scrub the top, bottom and side of your poker chips.

Step 7:

If there is an inlay on the poker chip, avoid cleaning this section with a toothbrush, as this can damage it. Take a damp cloth to clean this area. Otherwise, soap and water may seep into the coating.

Step 8:

After the Las Vegas casino poker chips have been cleaned, simply let them air dry. When they are dry, consider looking at them as professional poker players do.

Step 9:

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