When to Slowplay in Poker


Slowplaying describes a situation in poker where you are dealt an extremely strong hand you imagine, or even better yet – understand, is your best hand at the desk. Rather than increasing, you merely check or call so you don’t QQ Online the dining table to the effectiveness of your hand.

This fits in to David Sklanskys initial teachings into bluffing -“if your competitors act strong, they are weak & when they behave weak, they’re strong.” It is a natural urge to do something exactly the opposite of how we want people to perceive us. Of course you want to maintain people in the hand and try and extract as much money out of them as possible. Slowplaying might seem like a safe move, but nothing is foolproof in poker and also slowplaying may back fire.

Before you consider if to slow play a palm or not, there are a few things you must consider. Your position at the table is the most important factor. If at all possible, It is a lot superior to slow-play a hand in late position. Assessing all of the way into the river may well not drive any betting from your opponents of course if you are in early position you’ll miss out entirely upon getting any more cash in the pot.

I’ll usually only slow-play a hands in case there are not any obvious drawing hands on the flop. If I manage to flop a set, but there’s just a potential flush or straight on the plank, I want to make sure I bet enough to chase out any drawing handson. In these situations it is best to just head out with a normal bet or raise.

It is generally never a fantastic idea to give your opponents a free card in virtually any situation. Slowplaying can be a rather dangerous as you are giving your opponents a free opportunity to be at you to the turn or the lake with a lucky card.

In conclusion, slowplaying can be considered a wonderful part of one’s arsenal if you are using it and also in the right circumstances. Make sure you focus on a standing at the dining table and what cards are already in playwith.

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