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Okay, let’s be blunt.

You want to see that look of sexual satisfaction and gratitude radiating from your lover’s face, right?

You want her begging for more and you wouldn’t mind if your performance made her think you must have been a porn star in another life.

You see, that wasn’t so difficult. Now that we’ve talked about it and you know exactly what you want, let’s talk about how to get it.

The Road to Mind Blowing Sex

Every man wonders at some time in his life if his “equipment” is up to par for pleasing a woman, right? If you want to be absolutely certain that you are a lover she’ll never forget, then there is a rather simple solution.

It doesn’t involve messy creams, painful pumps, or the ominous surgical scalpel. In fact, it involves no hassle at all, just a single supplement called Performer 5 that will provide your body with the nutrients it requires for mind-blowing sex

Make Your Orgasms Explosive with Performer5

Want to hear even better news?

Not only will the supplement help to make your lover moan in unadulterated pleasure, it will bring your own orgasm to new heights of climactic ecstasy and increase your ejaculate up to five times for an even more intense experience.

How it Works

The Performer 5 system will help to improve your orgasm and ejaculation, all the while giving you harder erections and increased sexual stamina.


Very quickly you’ll notice the explosive differences in your performance and pleasure, and before long your lover will be singing your praises (perhaps while doing a strip tease to entice you back into bed).

Performer 5 is comprised of carefully chosen, all natural ingredients, making them safe for any man in search of a better sex life. The supplement is so safe that it has absolutely no known side effects.

The ingredients that make Performer 5 such a powerful sex enhancer include:

  • Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate: increases semen volume and testosterone levels
  • L-arginine: increases nitric oxide for harder erection and stimulates the release of growth hormones
  • Creatine Monohydrate: increases sexual stamina
Performer5 is the most powerful ejaculation system EVER CREATED.
You have a massive 6 months to try Performer5. Not a 14 day trial, 6 months!

Comments from People Like You

It is hard to keep me out of the bedroom these days. Not only has Performer 5 helped me to dramatically boost my libido but my drive, erections and force of my ejaculate has gone through the roof. My gf cannot get enough of the improved me.
Rob Wilson, Developer, USA, Brooklyn

I have only been using Performer 5 for the last few months, but from my very first serving my orgasms dramatically lengthened and felt more intense. My increased sperm and semen production is simply a pure treat as my penis is harder, my stamina is up and libido is untamable.
Ryan Colton, Chiropractor, USA, New York

Free Sexual Enhancement Bonuses

For even better sex as often as you can get it, when you order the Performer5 Dual System from the official site it also includes the Vit5 essential nutrient supplement to keep your body healthy and ready for playtime anytime.

Just for taking the simple step toward bedroom ecstasy, you will also receive free sexual enhancement bonuses that will take your sexual endeavors to heights of carnal pleasure you had never before known existed. Your free bonuses include:


  • The Vit5 supplement to improve semen and sperm health and increasing ejaculation
  • Instant access to Lovecentria Online with more than 100 hours of sexual technique videos and more than 100 sexual position tips for maximum orgasmic experiences
  • The MaleExtra sexual enhancement supplement for rock hard erections that will make your lover’s mouth water and her pleasure center tingle at the sight
  • The Lovecentria DVD with 90 minutes of guidance for the ultimate sexual massage

To top it all off and ensure your complete satisfaction, Performer5 comes with a 180 day money back guarantee.

Just try the amazing supplement for 90 days and if you are not absolutely satisfied with the results, you have a full 180 days to request your refund.


Now that you have absolutely nothing to lose and only amazing sexual experiences to gain, it is time to get started on that road to carnal satisfaction.

Your order will be shipped discreetly right to your front door so you can begin to reap the orgasmic rewards of Performer5 right away.

If you are serious about HUGE EJACULATIONS then you know by now that Performer5 is your answer. A 6 month guarantee, unique ingredients, dual combination formula, thousands of satisfied consumers, quick delivery and you get Vit5 and MaleExtra FREE!

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